Alex Apostolidis

︎︎︎fine art



bliss skincare x adolescent creative, 2020

The Woodnote Cooperative

The Woodnote is a cooperatively-run student housing initiative founded by the Concordia Student Union and UTILE. As an employee of HOJO, The Concordia Student Union’s Off-Campus Housing and Job Resource Centre, I was given the opportunity to work as a social media manager and content creator for The Woodnote before the brand ambassador’s Eleni Tsinis and Yael Erzerzer were hired. I have selected some highlights of the social media stories and posts I created. The Woodnote successfully gained traction and filled all it’s vacancies upon opening. Click here to learn more about The Woodnote.


In September 2020, before the U.S. Election, Haloscope Mag, an online Gen Z magazine, launched a campaign to inform young voters. I worked with their team as a video content creator and made this instagram story ad. To see the rest of the campaign, click here.